“God is love.. Citizenship is to give and participate”

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“God is love..

Citizenship is to give and participate”

God is love; lets remember love so peace returns to our country and to our souls.

Love for our country is to give and help, lets remember to give back to our wounded country what we have selfishly taken.

Christmas comes again in the midst of the killing and suffering, comes on the waves of blood, in the midst of sectarian incitement and screams of division to break up the Syrian entity.

Christmas, you have come with your cold and snow amongst the sorrow, displacement and hunger. Bring to us with the warmth and love of the heart a new hope and a cry from the martyr to awaken our minds and souls.

God is love…love is peace, so lets give to our country and work on building it.

The campaign aims at:

1. Preparing the civil committees for a well-organized humanitarian effort.

2. Coordinating the humanitarian work for 2013

3. Resurrecting love and peace.