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The Syrian Medical Committee was founded at the end of April 2011 in both Dara’a and Paris. It was established to respond to the many incidents of security forces detaining and/or killing wounded activists in their hospital beds. For humanitarian reasons, it was necessary to create a system of protecting the injured from being kidnapped, providing safe areas for them to be treated, and reducing the risks faced by those who supply the civil resistance and social movement in Syria with the necessary humanitarian skills and supplies. The Committee works by international humanitarian medical standards. It refuses to discriminate against any of those wounded on any basis, be it political allegiance, sect, ethnicity, or religion, and considers that providing assistance is its sole aim. Mission: The Syrian Medical Committee strives, through a network of relationships inside and outside Syria, to:

  • Provide medical assistance and equipment,
  • Establish medical clinics and health centers,
  • Transfer the injured to places where they can be treated safely,
  • Cooperate with all willing doctors for the best possible care protection And rehabilitation of all injured.

33, rue P.V. Couturier 92240 Malakoff- France